About Lord Dragol of Vegan

I became vegetarian well over a decade ago. I think everyone that decides to live vegan has a different reason. I was in the midst of a divorce, so suffice to say I was under some emotional stress. I had a friend at work who has a deep love affair for the sea and was appalled when I mentioned I had tuna for lunch. It was suggested I go and look at http://www.peta.org. That visit changed my life in a big way.

I had been a big meat eater for 35 years. I have been overweight my entire life. My health was essentially ruined. The abuses I saw in the videos there opened my eyes and I realized the error of my ways. I have not eaten meat since. I did not go vegan entirely at first. I did go vegan in a lifestyle way. I threw away my few leather products and have not purchased any animal flesh since. As far as diet goes I was vegetarian for the first year. Over the years I have done alot of reading on the meat and dairy industry. As I became more educated my life changed. I am now vegan and I will stay that way. My convictions are locked in now. I don't see how I could live any other way anymore. When I know the environment is slowly dieing because of the number of "meat" animals we have for slaughter. And the health of the majority of people is suffering because of the influx of cheap meat and dairy products. And the abuses on animals are horrendous.

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